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5 Reasons Why a Business Needs Professional Mold Removal

12/26/2020 (Permalink)

Most business owners don’t know much about mold. They don’t know that there are thousands of different types of molds, that mold is a type of fungus or that mold mainly travels through the air.

What they do know is that mold growth is a bad thing, and they certainly don’t want it in their business. So when they discover any visible mold growth, the first thing that they do is run to their supply closet, grab a bottle of bleach and start scrubbing so that they can get rid of their mold as soon as possible.

While DIY removal of mold can be effective, usually in areas smaller than ten square feet, it’s not always the best option. If you’re a business owner with a larger mold problem, you should think twice before trying to handle it in house.

Here are five reasons why it pays to call in a professional mold removal company.

1. You get rid of mold once and for all.

The major reason you should consider hiring a mold professional is also the most obvious – they’ll be able to get the job done right. No matter how hard you try on your own, if you lack the proper training and equipment, you may only touch the mold on the surface. Hidden and dormant spores may remain, which can lead to recurring problems in the long run.

2. You clean every affected surface, not just the most obvious ones.

When struck with mold, different types of surfaces and materials require different approaches. A professional will have the tools and the knowledge to adjust their approach to clean anything that need to be cleaned, from walls to wood to clothing to upholstery.

3. You find and fix the source of your mold.

Professionals don’t just understand how to clean mold – they understand how it forms in the first place. They’ll be able to assess the origin of the leak or moisture that has promoted the growth of mold so that you can fix your problem at the source.

4. You inhibit future mold growth where necessary.

On top of cleaning mold and addressing its causes, professionals can also provide more peace of mind for business owners by applying commercial-grade products designed to restrain the development of mold.

5. You save yourself a ton of time and effort.

Business owners tend to be self-driven and entrepreneurial, so it’s no wonder they often try to take on mold removal themselves. They assume they’ll be able to figure the process out and that they’ll save money by not hiring a professional.

The risk, though, is that the opposite will happen. They may end up wasting too much of their own valuable time just trying to figure out how to fix their mold problem on their own. What’s worse, they may not even fix it completely, opening them up to much costlier problems down the road.

In the end, that’s the real reason you should consider hiring a professional mold remediation company to clean up your commercial facility: because it makes good business sense.

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